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Liam Ormiston

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As a software developer with extensive experience in both Python and JavaScript, my soft skills set me apart. I approach new challenges with confidence and humility. I break down complex problems into manageable parts while understanding my strengths and areas for growth.

I'm eager to leverage these skills in a smaller, remote, high-trust environment where I can play a pivotal role in driving growth and innovation, along with the opportunity to mentor new developers.


Tradebot Systems Inc.

March 2021 - November 2023

Software Developer

My primary role involved managing our internal research pipelines, which are critical for handling an extensive amount of data, over five petabytes. I played a key part in updating our systems by co-leading the shift from using Luigi to Airflow, which significantly modernized our research workflow. To assist our Research analysts in adapting to Airflow, I developed custom wrappers that facilitated a smooth transition.

My involvement with Airflow extended beyond our company as I actively engaged with the wider community through contributing to the Airflow GitHub repository. This included making pull requests and reporting bugs to help improve the tool for all users.

I also took the initiative to enhance our data processing by converting MapReduce overnight jobs into PySpark, which resulted in gains in both efficiency and code readability. Additionally, I shared my knowledge across the company by delivering presentations on Git best practices, with a focus on maintaining code integrity and fostering better collaboration among our teams.

Garmin Intl.

July 2019 - March 2021

Software Engineer II

I worked with a team to create an infotainment system for Daimler-Mercedes, using C++, Qt, and JavaScript. My technical contributions included integrating more than 25 new language keyboards to make the product more accessible to users around the world. I also worked closely with the User Experience (UX) and Audio teams to design and incorporate unique sounds into the product, enhancing its features.

To improve our work processes, I established a new standard for debug logging within our department, aiming to benefit future projects with more streamlined troubleshooting. When faced with tight schedules, I efficiently overhauled the process for incorporating CarPlay and Android Auto into our system, ensuring we met our deadlines.

Outside of engineering tasks, I took the initiative to promote STEM careers by speaking at high school events and helping with college recruitment, encouraging students to consider futures in technology.


May 2018 - Aug 2018

Full-stack Intern

As an intern, I worked as a full-stack developer on a team tasked with creating a communication app for more than 200 hospital clients. My role included engineering a feature for message attachments, which I built using Ruby on Rails and ReactJS.

I was committed to maintaining high quality standards and achieved 100% test coverage for the new features I developed, utilizing testing tools like Jest and Capybara.

I also had the opportunity to present my project to an audience of over 50 current employees, including team leads and managers, which was an enriching experience.

Working within an Agile framework, I was an active participant in daily standups and weekly sprints, which sharpened my skills in iterative development and team collaboration.

Iris by Lowe's

May 2017 - May 2018

Front-End Web Intern

I contributed to the integration of new features to a web application for IoT devices, employing JavaScript and NodeJS for the development of crop and upload functionalities. Alongside my peers, I co-developed a Git GUI, which assisted Product Management in utilizing version control for their documentation effectively.

My role involved conducting thorough protocol analysis with Wireshark, which provided valuable insights influencing device strategy decisions. I honed my skills in Zigbee/ZWave technologies, playing a part in building robust mesh networks.

Additionally, I was involved in the web application development that enabled users to better manage their IoT smart home devices using Javascript and initiated the integration of a feature that allowed users to subscribe to NOAA weather alerts, enhancing user customization.

The Agile development environment at Iris by Lowe's was pivotal, as I greatly benefited from the mentorship of highly experienced engineers.